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A Quality Plumber Can Assist With Boiler Repair and Replacement

Your Boiler probably does not actually boil water. This term hails back when steam was primarily used for heating. Though you may have an older steam boiler, it is much more likely a water boiler. These days the water is kept between 145- and 190-degrees Fahrenheit. Contact A Quality Plumber to inspect, maintain and discuss your system.

Reliable Source For Hydronic Heating -New-Repaired-Installed In Lynnwood, WA

Hydronic heating works so effectively in keeping your family and home warm over conventional forced-air systems because it utilizes conduction and radiation in heat transfer along with a superior conductor of heat in the form of a liquid. On the other hand, forced air heating relies solely on convection and air. Air is such a poor conductor of heat that it is often used as a means of insulation, as can be seen by its use in between the panes of energy-efficient windows. Contact A Quality Plumber for further information.

Let our experts assist you with your Tankless Water Heater Needs In Lynnwood, WA

Electric tankless water heaters require different services than conventional tank water heaters, as they operate differently. Maintenance performed by a licensed plumber works to maintain the efficiency of your equipment and keep it operating properly. Maintenance is performed to remove mineral scale from the water heater – when scale builds up, the unit’s burners must work at a higher temperature to heat water correctly, expending more energy. The frequency of maintenance needed depends on the hardness of a home’s water. A Quality Plumber offers maintenance on tankless as well as tanked water heaters.