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Hydronic Heating

A Quality Plumber Inc. offers complete hydronic heating to the Everett and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a new way to reduce your utility bills and use something that is energy efficient give us a call today. Hydronic heating works great for large or smaller homes. We are insured and certified to install and repair hydronic heating systems. For a better way of heating and even cooling, give hydronic heating a try. We guarantee you will love the results.

Hydronic Heating

What Is Hydronic Heating

Unlike regular heating systems, hydronic heating transports energy 3500 times greater than air. This means it can heat and cool using a lot less energy than a typical forced-air system. This allows for greater comfort at lower thermostat settings, which in turn means lower energy bills. Radiant heating works in zones. This allows for certain areas that are chiller than others, like hallways and entryways, to receive more heat. This makes a hydronic heating system even more energy-efficient. Give A Quality Plumber Inc. a call for all your hydronic heating needs. Our team services the entire Everett area and our rates are very reasonable.

Infloor Heating

Installation Methods

  • Boiler
  • Air Handler
  • Baseboard Heat
  • Wall Toaster
  • Suspended Piping
  • Heat Tranfer Plates
  • Track Panels
  • Embeded

Boilers are one of the most energy effecient ways to heat your home. They run at 97% effeciency and they only burn fuel when needed. Different models range from single use boilers to combination boilers that heat the domestic potable water and the homes space heating.

Navien NCB
Navien Boiler

Air handlers work with hydronics. You can retrofit an existing forced air heat source and use a combi boiler to heat your home. Call today for more installtion options.

Air Handler
Air Handler

Choosing the best baseboard heater is essential for a warm energy effeciant room. They make diffrent sizes in lengths, widths, and even thicknesses to meet your heat load per room. Not all hydronic heating system are able to go with the infloor method, which is the most effecient. hydronic basboard heaters will still allow you to have a cost saving system installed in your home.

Buderus Heating
Towel Warmer

If you can not run your heating through the floors and don't want protruding baseboards, there is other options. We can install several flush mount wall toasters with grills in your home to provide heat. The units do require a standard 115v line voltage but they do not need to be wired directly into a thermostat. Instead they have a flow sensor that simply kicks the fan on when hot water is pushed through the heat exchanger.

Turbonics Wall Toaster
Turbonics Wall Toaster

Many infloor applications are actually heated by suspended tubing within your joist bays of the floor. The PEX tubing should be suspended within the middle third of the bay and have an aluminum heat fin attached to it allowing disbursement of the heat through out the bay in essence heating your floor.


Suspended tubing could not be an option for your project. Most reasons are related to clearance of other mechanicals such as plumbing and electrical. The alternative is to use aluminumheat transfer plates and secure them directly to the subfloor. The benefit clearly is clearance but the one draw back is that you may have to run your heat loops at a much cooler temperature. If you run the loops over 120deg F, you may end up warping the floor and permanently damaging the finish floor above.

Heat Tranfer Plates
Heat Transfer Plates

Another highly effecient hydronic heat application is the new track panel designs. They give you the 100% feel of true warm floors without the weight and expense of pooring concrete. You also maintain the flexability of putting whatever type of finish you desire on top of it.

Infloor Heating
Infloor Heating

Embeded hydronic heat tube is probably the most common and widely used method for hydronic heating. It is simply encasing the hydronic heating loop in concrete turning the entire concrete pad into the heating source. This application is found in private homes, multi family, appartments, commercial, and industrial.

Heat Pipe Embeded
Heat Pipe Embeded

Emergency Leaks & Pipe Bursts

If you have an emergency plumbing need, simply call us today!